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Patients and families face many difficult tasks when cancer is diagnosed. They must try to deal with a barrage of scientific/medical information at a time when they are under intense stress. They must respond to recommendations by the medical caregivers. They must deal with responsibilities at home and work.

Because of its rarity, less is known about NUT midline carcinoma than about many common cancers; thus patients and families face even more unknowns. There are no easy answers to these difficulties. Information and detailed explanations by caregivers usually starts to make the situation easier. It is hoped that this website makes information about NMC readily available to help patients and families. Participation in this NMC Registry may give patients and families a sense that they can contribute to a body of knowledge that ultimately may make the situation better for future patients facing NMC.

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Patients and families who want to include their information in the NMC Registry should review the For Patients/Families page on this website in order to understand the purposes of the Registry and the protection of patient privacy in use of Registry data. The patient may then authorize the treating hospital and physicians to share information with the Registry by completing this form:

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